Friday, June 5, 2009

Little People of America

There is a great non-profit organization that supports individuals with achondroplasia. I heard about this organization through my sister There is a website for the organization and it explains that the "LPA has more than 6,000 members across across the United States and internationally." The LPA offers all kinds of information for little people such as employment, adoption, clothing, medical problems, and much more.

Every year, LPA holds a conference for little people. This year, the conference is being held in New York City from July 4-10. The conference consists of fireworks, barbequeing, a welcome reception, fasion shows, talent shows, a banquet night, and New York sightseeing.

In both television shows I talked about previously, the LPA convention has been part of them. In The Little Couple, it is explained that the couple met each other at the convention. I have heard that little people very often meet their husband or wife at the LPA convention.

I have learned that the LPA is a great organization. The conference enables little people to have a whole lot of fun with many individuals just like them. Especially for children, they can make friends and have a good time without being stared or commented at.

The LPA website address is:

I found a video about a man biking at the 2007 LPA convention. I think that you will fidit very interesting. The interviewer asks him questions about his bike that relate to different accommodations that have to be made for little people when it comes to such things like bike riding. Here is the addresss:

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  1. Danielle, I've read some of your post and I think that it is nice that you want to know more about your niece's dwarfism. You've written in your blog title about classroom accommadations but haven't noticed a post referring to specfic things done. Are you in a school setting where these accommadations are being done or are you just research ideas? Visit me at

  2. Hi, Danielle. I too have a niece that has achondroplasia, I came across your blog by mistake and so far it has so much useful information. My niece just had one of the necessary back surgeries and is still in the hospital. This has been extremely hard on everyone in my family but we love Karyna so much and she has been our little soilder through everything. I'm going to keep reading so please keep posting. Just like you I wish and pray that my niece can adjust to the average sized world.